Jabali Grind is the perfect flavor companion to any dish

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Some like it hot, but some like it… real hot!

We are a locally-owned company in San Antonio, Texas, producing JabaliGrind, the hot spice grinder.

The aim of this site is to bring JabaliGrind to each and every table, and recipes from traditional meals all the way to comfort food for the whole family using suggestions from you, our fellow grinders.

The Jabali Hog Original!
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What will you grind it on?

We at JabaliGrind have taken Hector Habanero, our Jabali Hog, across Texas and parts yonder to sniff out the finest ingredients for our spice grind. We hope you’ll enjoy JabaliGrind as much as we do.

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An All-Purpose Seasoning

JabaliGrind is the perfect companion to any dish, from your breakfast through to dessert at the end of the evening and all points between.

It is delicious on everything we’ve tried it on.

Locally Produced

Our blend of sea salt, black peppercorns, and habanero create a flavor found uniquely in JabaliGrind.

Built-in Grinder

Every bottle packs a grinder which adjusts to different coarseness, allowing the user to grind to personal taste in heat.

REMEMBER! The More You Grind, The Hotter You Get!!!